Don’t leave the success of your business to chance

Setting up a new business is an exciting time. You have a dream. You have developed your great idea and are ready to meet the market. All you need is a retail property to make your dream become a reality. You’ll set up, open the doors and wait for customers to flock in.

This is a dream acted on by many – but in truth not everyone who opens a new business succeeds. In fact, 21% of new businesses will close in the first year alone.

One of the key factors in the success of small businesses is selecting the right retail property.

This is not as straightforward as seeing somewhere you like and relying on gut feel or intuition to make a final decision. There are numerous factors to consider – and many are not as obvious as you might think. On top of which, you have to negotiate commercial terms, review Agreements to Lease and brief your solicitor.

We hate seeing businesses fail – and with it the death of dreams. That’s why we have developed a process specifically tailored for small businesses. Our service will ensure you don’t leave the success of your business to chance.

Our robust site selection process to source and qualify the best sites for your business has four strategic benefits:

Site selection model

1 – Reduce your Risk

Make the right decisions confidently

Gain the Independent Advice advantage

Exclusive and conflict free service

25 years expertise on tap

2 – Save Money

Tenant focused commercial terms

Rental plus all your other costs managed throughout lease cycle

Savings outweigh the fees

3 – No more wasted Time

Your valuable time saved

Your options shortlisted

Decision makers fully involved at key points in the site selection process

Minimising time commitments without sacrificing knowledge and expertise

4 – All Documentation done

Robust commercial terms & deal provisions documented

Your solicitor properly briefed

Analysis and review of your Agreement to Lease to ensure fairness and advantage

Here’s our process to help you achieve your dreams:

Site Brief: One of the most difficult aspects of setting up a retail shop or hospitality site for the first time is to know what you don’t know. Without experience, how do you know exactly what you need or know exactly where you should be to meet your target market? Through our unique Site Brief Diagnostic Process, we provide clarity by putting together a comprehensive profile of your ideal property to enable efficient qualification of potential sites for your business.

Market Scan: We use your Site Brief to conduct both a catchment review and a location review. We engage with Real Estate Agents and Landlords to find on-market sites and potential off-market sites. The market scan enables us to find the best possible sites that meet your specific requirements.

Site Qualification: Once we have ensured that we have found retail property that meets your qualification criteria we provide you with a list of options, ranked in order of recommendation. We then work with you to narrow this list down. So that you find the best possible option to help accelerate the growth of your business.

Commercial Terms: With a decision made on the most suitable site, we then work on your behalf to negotiate terms with landlords. And because we don’t work on commission and treat your money as our own, we’ll work hard to get you the best deal possible, as quickly as possible.

Documentation: With commercial terms settled, the final stage of the Site Selection Services process is to ensure your lawyer is briefed, the Agreement to Lease is drafted and all details negotiated with the landlord are documented. This is where our previous legal, financial and property experience and capability saves you time and money.

We offer two options to cater for all needs

We know and understand that for some people the joy of starting a new business comes from investing the time to do it all yourself and make the most of your start-up budget.

Do it for you

This gives you our full Site Selection Services process as noted above.

Do it with you

Here we provide coaching and mentoring to step you through the site selection process and guide you through negotiation of commercial terms to maximise value and minimise costs and risks.